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Medication, Preferences / Skills, Setting, Audit Logs

  • Medication plays a crucial role in modern healthcare, serving as a cornerstone of disease management and treatment.
  • Preference refers to the unique and individualized choices and needs of the patient. Skill refers to the specialized abilities and expertise of caregivers, including medical, nursing, and personal care skills, essential for providing quality in-home medical and non-medical assistance.
  • Access detail of the patient on web application is given under Setting Tab.
  • Audit logs in home health care refer to detailed records that track all electronic activities and modifications to patient information within the system.


The medication details of the patient can be entered in Medication option under Patient Details. Update the medication details in the required field and Click Save option.

Note: All Fields marked with * are mandatory and must be filled out, otherwise the system will generate an error indicating that the required information is missing.

Client>>List>>Patient Name>>Medication


When the Active Drug reaches the end date, it will be automatically moved to Inactive Drug list.


Preferences Skills

Patient Preferences and skills can be updated in the system by using the option Preferences Skills under each client.

Client>>List>>Patient Name>>Preference Skills



The patient access details for the application can be added by using the option Setting under each patient.

Client>>List>>Patient Name>>Setting


Audit Logs

The user can check the audit details and the changes made in the software in Audit logs.

Client>>List>>Patient Name>>Audit Logs