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Reconcile Payments / ERA, Reconcile 835/ EOB and EDI File Log

Reconcile Payments / ERA

Reconcile payments refers to the process of comparing received payments from insurance providers and patients against the billed charges for services provided. This ensures accuracy, identifies discrepancies, and helps resolve outstanding balances, contributing to the financial stability of the home health care agency. Electronic Remittance Advice, which is an electronic document that provides detailed information about payment and denial of claims.

Get Latest ERA

Billing >> Reconcile Payments / ERA

Click the option Latest ERA. The following screen appears, click Get Latest ERA option. The latest ERA details will be displayed on the screen.


Reconcile 835/ EOB

Reconcile 835/ EOB helps home healthcare providers to verify that payments and denials on the EOB are consistent with the ERA, ensuring accurate financial management and claims processing.

Billing >> Reconcile 835/EOB

Update the required fields and click Search option. The details will appear on the screen with Patient name and Billed amount.


EDI File Log

An EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) file log is a record of digital interactions between healthcare providers, payers, and agencies. It tracks the exchange of patient data, claims, and billing information, ensuring compliance with industry standards and facilitating efficient communication for better patient care and reimbursement.

Billing >> EDI File Log

The list of EDI File logs information is displayed in the screen. Enter the File Name, File type and click Search option to view the required EDI File.