Release Note 2.1.4

What’s New in Version 2.1.4


  1. New cards introduced on the Dashboard to get quick details regarding the Schedule process  i.e. Total Schedule, Inprogress, Completed,Missed schedule. 

myEZcare feature your access depending on your user type and role. When your user type or role does not have permission for a module or feature, myEZcare does not present it as an option.

Path: Dashboard → Admin → Roles & Permissions → Web Permissions → Dashboard Card → Total Schedule 

2. Now you can upload Patient Image in the Patient Information Page.

Path: Patient Intake → Add → Patient Details Tab → Upload Profile Image

Path: Patient Intake → List→ Action → Edit → Patient Details Tab  → Upload Profile Image

3. New Notification Slider Feature introduced. Users can now view the Notification form every page of the application. 

Path: Click on Notification Icon in Header

4. Now users can link up the Prior Authorization code in the Billing settings using the Link Button.

Path: Patient→ List→ Edit→ Billing/Prior Authorization → Billing Settings

5. Now you can add Prior Authorization while creating the schedule for the patient.

Path: Patient→ List→ Edit→ Care Plan → Patient Schedule → Add Patient Schedule →  Billing/Prior Authorization


1. Fixed the DX code drag and drop issue.

2. Schedule Master issue resolved in which when the user edits the schedule the data is not coming.

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