Scheduling Module

Scheduling Module

In Schedule module you will get the list of Schedule Master, Schedule Log & Pending Schedule.

Scheduling Employee & Patient

In Schedule module, you can see the Employee Table and Patient Table.

You can drag the employee by dragging the Plus button and can schedule the Patient. Once the employee is scheduled with the patient the color of will change from Red to Green. You can check by clicking on Green button of patient. Popup will appear with the confirmed tab of scheduling done between employee & patient.

Schedule Log

In Schedule Log you can see the Schedule list between employee & patients ‘activity. With several tabs of Patient Name, Status, Start Date, End Date, Employee & Action button.

In this table you can see the list of activity of status and can also delete the Schedule log.

Pending Schedule

In Pending Schedule module, you can get information about the schedules pending for the patients.

This table includes with details of Patient, Employee, Clock In Time, Clock Out Time, Added by, Added Date and Action tabs.