Our system allows for the secure and centralized storage of all employee information and documents. Accessible only to authorized personnel, this feature ensures data confidentiality and compliance with data protection regulations.

New Employee

A new employee in an Adult day care is an individual recently hired to provide care, support, and assistance to elderly or disabled adults attending the facility.

Adding Employee Information

Note: All Fields marked with * are mandatory and must be filled out, otherwise the system will generate an error indicating that the required information is missing.

  1. Locate the +Add option under Employee Tab.


   2. Click +Add option to update the Employee Information. Enter the Employee information in the required field and Click Next         option.


3.  The Employee details screen appears. In Employee details, update the username with the format (first name initials and last          name). Also enter the 4 digit IVR Pin which is used to login using Mobile Application for each employee. The user can add the signature of the Employee by using the option Upload Signature. After completing the required field, Click Next option.


4. The Additional Contacts screen appears in which the user can update the additional contact details of the employee by using          the +Add New Contact option and Click Save button. 


Editing Employees Information

To navigate through the process of editing Employee information, follow these steps:

  1. Locate List option under Employee Tab.


2. Select the Employee from the list to edit the information. Click the blue color Edit option under Action on the right side of the          screen for editing the Employee information or click on the Employee name.


3. The following screen appears to edit the required information of the Employee.  



Click Update option in Additional contact screen to update the information for the Employee.


Email signature

The user can update the email signature by using the email signature option. Update the required information and Click Save option.

Employee Tab>>List>>Employee name>>Email signature


Employee Billing Hours

In Employee Billing Hours option, the user can update the Regular working hours, Regular Working / Hour Rate and Overtime Rate of the employee.

Employee Tab>>List>>Employee name>>Employee Billing Hours


Employee Document

The Employee documents may include certifications, employment contracts, and care plans, ensuring compliance with regulations and offering a comprehensive overview of the caregiver's qualifications and responsibilities.

Uploading Employee Document

The required documents of the Employee can be uploaded in the system by using the option Employee Document.

Employee Tab >> List >> Select Employee >> Employee Document