Release Note 2.0.5

What’s New in Version 2.0.5


F#3du7nu Notifications alerts providing useful information or alerting individuals to upcoming activity or action. You can locate these notifications on the dashboard.

Types of Notification Available

1. Early clock out 2. Conclusion Note 3. PTO created 4. Patient Denied service 5. Patient on hold 6. Schedule Cancellation 7. Internal Message. More notifications to be added.

You can set Notification Preferences and opt to get notifications via Email, SMS, Web & Mobile-app.

Path: Go to Employee->List->Notification Preferences

One can configure Notifications and restrict or access permission via Notification Config.

Path: Settings —> Notification Config. –> Click on Notification Configuration to Select Type of Notification –> Select Role

F#3hjv5a Now you can Change Authorization Code and Payor/Insurance in Visit TimeSheet. Also, “View Authorization Details” option added to get quick authorization details

Path: Reports –> Employee Visit Report –> Select Your Employee –> Action –>Click on Edit Timesheet –>View Authorization Details

Path: Reports–>Employee Visit Reports–>Select Your Employee–>Click on Action–>Select Edit Timesheet–>Edit–>Select Your Authorization or Payor/Insurance

F#3hquhg You can find Employee ID on mouseover on the patient update schedule screen

Path: Go to Patient –> List –> Select Patient –> Care Plan –> Edit Schedule –>Mouse over on Schedule Slot

F#9pejeg Automate your payroll using the integrated employee timesheet data

Path: Reports –> Employee Billing report –> Export To CSV

F#3fu3pz Now you can share CRM Call Details with employees

Path: Dashboard–>Click on Pencil Icon on top right–>Select Add Call Details–>Role Name & Visible To


B98k2jh Schedule conflicts due to day change has been solved with “Plus One Day” functionality.



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