Roles & Permission – Mobile Permissions

Roles & Permission – Mobile Permissions

These permissions are related to myEZcare mobile application.

Early Clock-In Permissions

This allows user to Clock-In a bit early of their scheduled time. With this you can allow your employees to Clock-In 15 minutes to 2 hours prior of their reserved time. You can also restrict them from early Clock-In’s.

Task Entry Type

myEZcare application gives you an option to restrict between entering simple and details task.

Home – Upcoming Visits

With this permission user can access upcoming visits page.

Patient Service Denied

This permission enables the caregivers or nurses to deny serving a patient.


This defines up to what extent a user can use the message facility. In this we have three options received, create and sent.

Clock In and Clock Out Time Update

By using this you can restrict or allow users to changes their Clock In and Clock out timings.

Auto Approved Bypass Permissions

This allows user with a pre-approved Bypass and IVR Bypass Clock In and Clock out permissions. You can also manage Early Clock In approval.

Approval required for Bypass Permissions

If you are selecting this then the caregivers need to take prior approval for Bypass, IVR Bypass, Early Clock In.

IVR Instant No Schedule Clock In and Clock Out

If you are giving an access to this field then you are permitting the caregivers to instantly schedule them with the patients. In this no prior scheduling is require to Clock In and Clock Out.

Visit History

In this you can find two options “View Only” and “Update Tasks”. If you are giving users view only permissions then they can only see the visits history page. But, if they have access update tasks then they can update tasks time.

Can Update Location Coordinates

By using this employees can send their geo coordinates. Geo-tracking used to verify service locations.